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  • Afforestation programs with Social Forestry
  • Cleaning and Protection of Water resource
  • Conducting Awareness programs & Workshops for Students
  • Nursery management practices in Mangroves
  • Research & Documentation
  • Restoration and conservation of Mangroves



NEWS OF INDIA (Nature Environment and Wildlife Society of India)
Reg no. 15/2013
Shameera complex, Mammiyur
Guruvayur PO,Thrissur DT.
Kerala, India. Pin-680 101
Ph: 0487-2555 065 Mob: 9846 771 155
E-mail: newsofindia12@gmail.com
Our Motto: "Save Nature, Water & Energy"
Our research center: NEWS Observation Centre for Coastal biodiversity studies
Peringad, Venmenad PO
Pavaratty, Thrissur District
Kerala, India. Pin-680 507
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